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Tricresyl Phosphate is a chemical substance with the molecular formula of CH21H21O4P(CH3C6H4O)3PO.

The Tricresyl Phosphate is a colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid. It is odorless, stable, and with non-volatile. It has a good plasticizing flame retardancy, oil resistance, electrical insulation, and easy processing. Tricresyl Phosphate doesnot dissolve in water and has soluble in organic solvents such as benzene, alcohols, ethers, vegetable oils, mineral oils. This product is an important plasticizer for vinyl resins and nitrocellulose. It is used in paints to increase the flexibility of paint films. It has excellent compatibility and is synthetic rubber, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polyolefin and soft. Flame retardant for polyurethane foam. Tricresyl Phosphate can give the polymer good wear resistance, weather resistance, mildew resistance, radiation resistance, and electrical properties. It can also be used as a gasoline additive, a lubricant additive, and hydraulic oil. Tricresyl Phosphate is improved by a new process and belongs to environmentally friendly products. There is basically no “three wastes” in the production process, and the products are low in toxicity.

Application :

Tricresyl Phosphate is mainly a plasticizer and has good flame retardancy. It has mildew resistance, wear resistance, and low volatility, and good electrical performance. It is mainly used for PVC cable materials; Artificial leather; Moving belt; Thin plate; Floor materials, etc.. It can also be used for neoprene, used as plasticizer and preservative in viscose fiber. The product is toxic, has a toxic effect on the central nervous system, and cannot be used for food and medicine packaging materials. Nipple; Children’s toys, etc

Storage :

If stored correctly, the product has a minimum shelf life of 2 years. At lower temperatures triphenyl phosphate
may crystallise. This can be dissolved again when heated up without an adverse effect on quality.

Packaging :

Road tankers /containers

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