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Para tertiary butyl phenol is used as an intermediate to make perfumery ingredients 4-tertiary butyl cyclo hexyl acetate (PTBCHA) and 4-tert butyl cyclo hexanol (PTBCH)

Para Tertiary Butyl Phenol formaldehyde resin (PTBPF- R) is a polycondensate of para-tertiary-butylphenol and formaldehyde. Major occupational sources are neoprene glues and adhesives in industry, in the shoemaking and leather industry or in car production. It is also used as a box preservative in box and furniture manufacture, and in the production of casting moulds, car-brake linings, insulated electrical cables, adhesives, printing inks and paper laminates. Para-tertiary-butyl-phenol is the sensitizer.

Para Tertiary Butyl Phenol is a white to pale yellow crystalline solid at room temperature and is sold in solid form as flakes or briquettes. Para Tertiary Butyl Phenol is employed in coating products, polymers, adhesives, sealants and for the synthesis of other substances.


Para Tertiary Butyl Phenol (PBTP) is used as an antioxidant in plastics, particularly in the phenolic/epoxy resins, and as a chemical intermediate in the production of synthetic resins, varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, paints, as well as some plasticizers and surface active agents.

The major use is as a monomer in chemical synthesis, e.g. for the production of polycarbonate, phenolic resins, epoxy resins. PTBP is used as a chain terminator in the synthesis of polycarbonate polymers. The main uses of polycarbonate are in compact discs, DVD and CD Rom manufacture

Para tertiary butyl phenol is used as a raw material to make alkylphenol formaldehyde resins, epoxy resins, printing ink resins, coating resins, wood laminate resins, wire enamels, adhesives and insulating varnishes.

Para tertiary butyl phenol is used as a molecular weight modifier in manufacturing polycarbonates

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