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Product Details:   Neopentyl Glycol

Neopentyl glycol, also known as Dimethylolpropan, is a colorless-to-white, hygroscopic crystalline, organic chemical compound that is used in the synthesis of paints, polyesters, lubricants, and plasticizers.  The combustible, slightly toxic compound can be harmful if ingested or is absorbed through skin contact. It is known to cause skin and eye irritation.

Neopentyl Glycol (NEO) is a polyhydric alcohol containing two primary hydroxyl groups. It is a white crystalline material in flakes.

NEO is well known for its advantages providing high UV, hydrolytic and chemical resistance. This in combination with excellent balance between hardness and flexibility as well as superior performance in terms of control and reactivity during esterification and curing makes it ideal in several different applications.



Base resins for coatings, Synthesis of paints and polyesters, Lubricant additives. Polyester resins for powder coating, coil coating and can coating Unsaturated polyesters for gel-coats and reinforced plastics

Alkyd resins, solvent and waterborne Polyurethanes for coating, foams and elastomers Lubricant esters

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