Receiving several calls and an e mail from a company called Waterfield group, spoke to ‘Mike Banner’ Indian sounding claiming my father who died in 2012 had bonus shares in Lonmin. That these could be transferred to me and sent an e mail. I became suspicious when he wanted no more details about me than an e-mail address. Similar to other postings where this company is acting for a client wishing to make a hostile bid for a company in UK. The did not even get the name of the company right so it was a bit suspicious after the first 10secs.

They have been very persuasive with Michael Barnes making the initial contact followed by countless calls from Julia Davis. When I didn’t return the non-disclosure forms they hassled me daily. I eventually sent it back before realising it was a scam. She rang tonight asking me to fax a copy of my share certificate and says she will call tomorrow to discuss the offer they want to make. My mother-in-law keeps getting phone calls about my MXP shares from people with difficult to understand foreign accents. They are offering 20 times the current price and they do sound very plausible.

She told me that I couldn’t as it was confidential but it was only to register my interest. They have no interest in the actual shares and would have no way to appropriate them anyway without being traceable. They seem to have been rather less persistent with you than with some of the other potential ‘victims’ posted here, but maybe they sensed scepticism or nervousness in your reaction and decided to try elsewhere. Luckily my father asked them to contact me and a man who has since contacted me on several occasions set out the conditions of sale but stated they wanted 10% transfer agents bond.

Account managers’ past performance should be investigated to determine their success rate in the past, as well as their risk management strategy and previous drawdowns to determine how efficient the fund manager is. In addition, the account manager must hold a valid operating license issued by the appropriate authorities. The validity of the organization making the claims or selling the expertise/course are two other aspects that a person might want to look into as well.

Definitely a scam.They don,t actually have a full idea of the shareholding they have approached me about.i.e the history is all wrong. Another company wanting to buy my worthless Global Natural Energy shares. Will I ever learn well apparently yes – as I have wasted 4 hours of their corporate time on the phone and dealing with correspondence from me, and they have 0 chance of ever getting a penny. Im sure it wont stop Feinler Management from trying – they are also supposedly a recruitment company. I had a phone call last night from a Richard Gomez at Bramwell & Kent who wanted to buy some shares from me, a takeover was happening!

legacy fx scam

The clue is to check your share holding with the registrar of the company you supposedly own shares in. Phone call from a Lance Thomas Morgan purporting to be from above company offering big money for NXT / Hiwave Technologies PLC shares. None disclosure doc to sign followed by 4 page Agreement to be signed and returned, together with a 10% bond to secure sale. I fell for the Buckminster Securities scam on this company’s almost worthless shares which I hold and it cost me in my naivety a few thousand pounds.

TD Checking Accounts

Perfect Customer Support – search for a broker that gives great and full customer support services. The simplest Forex broker usually has 24/7 customer support and at multiple languages. Also, confirm that the majority of the communication methods are available, too – live chat, e-mail, online forms and phone calls. The second section shows you the bonus system any broker provides. Last, but not least, we’ll put all the advantages a Forex broker offers.

  • Now all I need is someone to buy them from me without my having to part with money beforehand.
  • Retail traders who are new to the market will be at a major information disadvantage when compared to these traders.
  • I would like for people to be aware of a scam regarding this company.

Most of the victims of these scams are novice traders who are in a hurry to make money and are looking for a passive technique that will ensure success. People who have fallen victim to a Forex scam need to be aware of the options available to them in order to report the scam and, if necessary, take legal action against the trading company responsible. In this manner, the prospect of recovering at least a portion of your investment becomes a possibility. Suppose you have reason to believe that a company has violated the law or acted dishonestly in the handling of your funds.

A couple of days ago I got a phone call from a guy called Vincent from NY , trying to buy from me worthless shares which I still have, offering $14,00 per share where the current value is $0,0020. Same story again – a need to have 51% of shares due to acquisition. Poly Information, a company I used to have shares in. Apparently got some bonus shares I know nothing about. Hostile takeover, my shares worth £8k, 51% required! Yet another….This time shares in F & C and a company in New York wanting to arrange a hostile takeover, offering £8-£15 per share to get 51%,sent a non-disclosure agreement etc.

No Dealing Desk Forex Brokers in Canada

Name of the company this time is Nelson Capital Advisors. Sent me the non-disclosure form and called me back first thing this morning. Firstly they confirmed my holding after “consulting their lawyers” and followed that up with a staggering offer. The next step was to advise me that Aviva had omitted to let me know of a share issue which significantly increased the value of my holding from around £600 to over £40,000. It was at this point I realised this was a clever scam and contacted the relevant authorities.

legacy fx scam

Exactly the same as other comments, Costello and Rubin. When I called them and told them to rearrange the saying ‘stuffed get’ they were extremely unpleasant but I’ve still got my money. The website, I agree, looks very convincing, although the picture on the Home Page is, suspiciously ‘stretched’. I found a warning about the fraud on which gives links to a site giving details of their Web page set-up. I have tried to contact the ISP but was not able to. I then tried to complain to Google but that, apparently, is a waste of time.

Consultancy was telling me about the proposed hostile takeover of BAE Systems. We have been targeted by this scam,in relation to a hostile takeover of Centrica. The NDA came through from Williams Consultancy, but follow up contracts and calls have come from Prudential Global Group.

Said it must have been another company that invested in it so I was unaware. He is very convincing and as you will see he is using virtually the same script as seen on previous postings. He has come up with a valuation of $5 – 6 per share for stock that is worthless. Belinda Mayer was one of the team from an earlier scam in the UK and US for shares in a defunct company.

People who don’t have the time to learn how to trade forex or who don’t have the time to trade their own forex account can still profit from the foreign exchange market by using managed foreign exchange accounts . The triple threat of scam, ineptitude and unscrupulous brokers is also exposed to investors when they use these services. The first issue is that there are several managed account scams to be found on the internet. These frauds are, in some ways, far more serious than forex broker scams or forex product scams. Managed account scammers typically attempt to persuade victims to invest as much money as possible, sometimes even their whole life savings, in their managed accounts. I’ve had exactly the same scam aimed at me, using exactly the same wording, in this case the company they were trying to takeover was called “Stilo International”.

Got Scammed Through a Forex Fraud? Get Consultation On The Recovery Process Now!

I have received two calls from a company called RBCP international asking if I owned shares in Corus . I said I no longer owned them as they were sold on the Tata steel takeover. A lady called Belinda Mayer has found that I still own 3800 shares (I don’t) which they wish to buy from me. I’m assuming it is a scam as how can I sell anything that I no longer own.

legacy fx scam

35000 shares that I apparently own in Oil Tech Inc. and they want to buy them off me for $175000. So called “Distressed Companies” and Nominee accounts. It is a little worrying that these guys are playing a longer game and getting more sophisticated. At best it is a waste of time and annoying at worst some small investors will be losing money to these crooks. However, unless you wish to keep getting these calls and continue the sport of kidding them on, the way to stop these calls is to buy a phone that comes with a Call Blocker installed.

Marks & Spencer Profits Jump for First Time in Four Years

This type of No Dealing Desk Broker is an electronic trading system that automatically selects the best deals for each customer from a pot of currency pairs offered by partner banks. Traders lose money with both an ECN and a STP broker, as well as a market maker broker, according to statistics in the United States. As a result, the argument of reliability based on the No Dealing Desk Broker’s natural interest in the success of the customers is invalid. Customers have completely lost faith in unregulated offshore brokers. The scam-They will soon be asking me to pay a bond which is of course ”refundable” if the share purchase does not go ahead. They also want a payment for an insurance bond.

The company name does not come up on a general search for Chicago firms. I see no reason not to give them details because what will happen is they will ask for an indemnity or similar before paying your mother. This is the point at which she will know it is a scam. NB whatever the response DO NOT allow her to pay any money for something she owns, allegedly or in reality. They make the deals look so attractive and I’m sure many people end up paying and maybe are too embarrassed to admit it when they realise that they have been conned. I would urge anybody who has been scammed to speak out, this would make the authorities take later reports more seriously.

All the pictures on it are stock as is the editorial content. One of the companies they are claiming to be taking over is Beaufort plc which was dissolved several years ago with no assets. I had been phoned by Karen Johanssen / Julian Pedersen, of Chesterfields in New York. “Hostile take-over bid, non-disclosure legacy fx review contract, insurance bond, I must pay 10% of the value of my shares…” All plausible. Thankful to be realise it’s a scam before I parted with any money. I have been contacted by mr Fischer from Howland Law in Boston (?) who wishes to pay 2.48 dollars per share for a company called Tauriga Sciences.

CHAPTER 4: Victim of a Forex Scam? Take These Steps Immediately

I said from the start that I was not willing to send any money upfront to receive the funds from the sale. I am being offered a small fortune for shares in a small company that I sold about 5 years ago. Apparently I was awarded shares that neither I, nor my broker nor the registrar knew anything about. Now “discovered” by Dean Witter’s legal department and the subject of a tax-motivated take-over but no evidence provided in writing to support the claim. Having bought shares in Lottery King some 15 years ago, not one penny dividend. I paid, or thought silly me, £200.00 investment.

Similar scheme running under Wexner Consultancy Group. Inflated value for shares, urgency to respond, “insurance bond” required, secrecy of Non Disclosure. All the warning signs, and not listed in the tenants of the NY address. My previous share holdings has script dividends accrued which has resulted in multiple share held in my name. A company wishes to purchase these shares for an attractive price. Just been contacted by Andrew Wilson apparently based in NY.

I have to admit it was brilliantly done, with complex documentation and regular “update” contacts, just disappearing days before the expected payment to me. Everything sounded and looked so professional that it even took me a while to believe it was a scam. The spiel was exactly the same as mentioned below – a client is preparing a hostile takeover of Prudential plc and wants to attain a majority share holding so I need to act swiftly and sign an NDA. Bullion International Partners LLC, New York, were trying to get from 41% to 51% of shares, and offered up to £40/share for worthless shares.


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