The multimeter itself is a large plastic box. The braid is soft silicone.
The probes in the kit are made of high quality.

BSIDE 19999 Review (aka ANENG AN888S, aka BSIDE ZT-5566).
Left and right there are fabric inserts covering the speakers: No, because the price tag is too high in my opinion. Hello everyone. By the way, after 10 minutes of inactivity, the large display switches to the time display mode: I just tried to talk about this interesting multimeter. Well, the last eighth button is the display of the minimum and maximum measured values.
As for the sound, here it is, let’s say, average .
Yes, because the device is really convenient and has good functionality as a multimeter.
By the way, the cord itself is not bad in quality: Today I have a small review of the BSIDE 19999 multimeter/column This is the whole review. I’ll start as expected with the characteristics:

The readings are almost the same, considering that the PM8232 only displays two numbers after the decimal point.
Personally, I would like to see at least a MicroUSB connector here . I also tried to set different voltages on the LBP on the DPS5020. There is another review on this multimeter on Musk.
But what they did did. I can say that the readings are quite enough for everyday measurement. On the front side there is a display, mode switching buttons, ports for probes, and a knob with a built-in display that displays the temperature in the room, as well as the status of the column: Instruction in English.
The package consists of the multimeter itself, probes, instructions and a MiniUSB charging cord (a strange decision in 2020)
Therefore, it is not necessary to turn it off every time. I also recommend reading.
The fourth button is the mode of measuring the capacitance of capacitors . There are two rubber feet on the bottom, as well as two lifting feet, in order to slightly raise the front of the multimeter, for more convenient placement and reading of information: This device is positioned as a repairman’s desktop device.
There is a disassembly and good detailed tests.

There is a lid on the back, under which there are two modes are highlighted as separate buttons. This is not a shame to give. I wish you all a good mood and The rest of the modes did not test in such detail. So you think for yourself. This function allows you to display the minimum and maximum values ​​memorized during the measurement. This is how it looks with its legs raised: As for working in wireless speaker mode, here you can connect even from a PC: The seventh button this is the Hold button, it is used to freeze the displayed indicators on the display. Only the box was damaged: We look at the LBP screen and what the multimeters display: In idle mode, the battery is consumed very sparingly. I eventually spat and do not turn it off at all. The multimeter itself inside the box is in a foam bed. The first two buttons are the measurement of DC and AC voltage modes: But depending on and you have to reach every time to turn on / off the multimeter. Desktop multimeter with built-in wireless speaker and thermometer

For sounding a small room, of course, it is enough.
The fifth button is the continuity and diode test mode:
For example, I put the PeakMeter PM8232 tester next to it. The third button is the resistance measurement mode:
The multimeter is supplied in a large colorful box. And as a column, the device, in my opinion, is not very good.
But if you think about it well, then just like a desktop multimeter with additional functionality, this device is quite good and interesting.
Can I recommend the device for purchase? Yes and no.
Though from a phone: Well, a small demonstration of work. Sufficiently high quality and voluminous: Measuring a 18650 battery: The cords are not oak. When you first look at the device, the question arises: what are you?
It works as a measuring device, but at the same time it can show time, room temperature and play music from any bluetooth source. There are no problems with damage during delivery. The sixth button is the DC current measurement mode


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