Bicycle handlebar bag.

Hello everyone, I decided to order myself a bag that would not be big, to wear a thermos to work, I chose a less cheap one for de-extreme.
The parcel was without a track number and naturally got lost, time went by X hour, I had to open a dispute in a stick.
After a while, Pay Pal returned my money, and a week later the bag itself arrived.
The bag was wrinkled and I decided to give it a shape, stuffed it with socks with underpants, everything would be fine, but the side pocket parted along the seam, or rather, it somehow got out, while I didn’t put any effort.
In short, I gave the child toys to put in it.
If someone wants to buy it, I would not advise you to take it, it is better to take something else, although I tried to tear the second pocket, but it is sewn tightly, apparently some kind of marriage in the other pocket.

There are three Velcro fasteners on the back for attaching to the steering wheel, there is also a shoulder strap, the bag is rigid, a plastic insert is inserted there to shape the bag.
Sizes are available on the website. A 5" smartphone can easily fit in the side pockets, and a liter thermos in the bag.


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