The work-from-home lifestyle is the new norm, and it’s not going anywhere soon. Teamwork is an essential aspect of business success, and it’s a concept that’s constantly evolving in response to digitalization and the remote work revolution. When it comes to setting up individual boards and team boards, look no further than Trello. This tool is especially helpful when monitoring the overall team’s performance. By the way, if you’re interested in knowing about some of the best tools that are being used today, have a look at these articles. When I’m not in the office with them, I can’t just glance over at them and make sure they understand. The less we will distract each other from the workflow, the higher will be the productivity of each specialist.

Many services also offer productivity-enhancing features like real-time collaborative editing of text documents and spreadsheets so you can edit a report as you discuss it with your team. And if you’re worried about team members getting their hands on documents they shouldn’t have access to, most cloud storage services allow administrator accounts to customize who has access to what files. Automation tools are crucial to empowering remote workers’ productivity levels. These kinds of tools allow teams to reduce repetitive, time-consuming tasks, which saves them valuable time that they can spend on more important jobs that require personal input. Every business has its own unique workflow that will benefit from the right project management system. This tool is essential for remote workers for keeping tasks organised, progress monitored and holding every team member accountable for their performance.

Ensure Clear Communication

But you can also use it to share screens, run polls and send requests. If you have enjoyed this article you may also be interested in reading successful collaboration while telecommuting, or click here to learn more on how to collaborate more effectively.

Encourage your team to carve out time for breaks each day, and to set recurring 1-on-1s with the people they might regularly grab coffee with while in the office. Simply attach Wrike tasks to Microsoft OneDrive files, and you’re done.

Want to see how Happeo helps your business?

Documents stored on Google Drive can be easily attached to channel posts, which can be shared directly in Slack for everyone to be notified. Working remotely comes with enough challenges of its own, you don’t need your intranet to be another one.

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Having open lines of communication is the key to improving team collaboration. In the digital industry, everyone is always on the go and it can often be harder to get hold of people or get a complete answer to your questions. Being able to message, call, or video 7 Best Microsoft Azure Certifications: Which is Right for You? call a colleague means that we’re able to effectively collaborate on all of our projects. When an organization improves team collaboration while maintaining a value-based culture, the employees’ stress levels and toxic health conditions drop significantly.

Advanced Tactics for Highly Collaborative, Remote Teams

Teamwork collaboration in business involves leveraging each individual’s strengths to meet business goals and drive results. A collaborative workplace is a case study in teamwork making the What Does A DevOps Engineer Do? dream work. This feature is for professionals who develop, design and manage websites for multiple clients. The Cloudways Team Feature helps distribute the workload among team members.

How do I make remote employees feel included?

  1. Involve people when making decisions.
  2. Give employees the authority to make choices.
  3. Recognize each employee's contribution.
  4. Encourage employees to feed into values.
  5. Foster workplace friendships.

Once the meeting is over, share the minutes and recording with all meeting participants. Our goal is to develop solutions to ensure that you can safely work remotely, while your communication and collaboration stay up-to-date. Whether you’re facing major or minor challenges, we are here to advise and help you with a sustainable solution that works best for your business model. In a world where remote working and telecommuting are getting more important every day, good communication and collaboration are more important than ever. Enversed Studios has created multiple tools to make sure you can remotely communicate and collaborate without losing any efficiency.

Tool 8: Microsoft Team’s video conferencing

How many times have you written an email and, immediately after hitting send, felt concerned about how it would land? Would your boss see your late night email and consider it to be an intrusion on her private time?

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But when you’re all working in different locations, it can be hard to know what your team is working on and for how long—which can cause productivity to take a nosedive. Trello offers a free plan, but it’s limited to 10 boards per team and 10MB file attachments. To gain access to additional features , you’ll need to upgrade to one of Trello’s paid plans, which start at $12.50 USD per user per month. Trello is a great way to manage projects for remote teams—particularly if your team considers themselves to be visual learners. Zoom offers free plans, but calls with more than two people are limited to 40 minutes. In order to host longer meetings with your team, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the platform’s paid plans, which start at $14.99 USD per month. Luckily, there is a host of digital communication apps that make it easy to communicate effectively with your colleagues, co-workers, and employees—no matter where you’re all working.


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